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Have you recently stepped into parenthood? Well,Congratulations! you are about to experience the world's best moments. But are you on your own to take care of your child? Are you not aware of neonatal skin care guidelines? Are you stressed about skincare of your newborn? Do you know that newborn skin is as thin as paper? If an answer to these questions are yes then you have landed on the right blog as I am going to explain few tips and tricks which will help  keep your baby's skin healthy. 

 Personally this is one of the toughest blog article I've written however my elder sister came to my rescue. She is blessed with the baby very recently and it gave me an opportunity to closely monitor her daily routine for the baby. In this article, I am going to mention some important points which every new parent should note to ensure their child's skin health remain intact. Also I will leave link for the products that you may want to check out for neonatal skin care .Here we go!

Room Temperature

You may wonder why does a room temperature has to do anything thing with baby skin? Well, as I mentioned earlier neonatal skin is paper thin and therefore it becomes very essential to maintain proper temperature of baby's nursery as the increase or decrease in temperature may result in dry skin.Most doctors agree that it is safer to use a cooler or an air conditioner (AC) with a newborn than to let him stay in a hot, airless and humid environment.

Luke warm water for bathing

Always use Luke warm water while giving bath to your baby as hot water may rob moisture from baby's skin and can make it dry. Baby tends to enjoy luke warm water more.

Use soft towels

It is advisable to use soft towels for baby after bath as the skin is usually very tender at that point. Also it is important to pat dry baby rather than rubbing them while drying as it could hamper the texture.

Always use gentle baby soaps

Gentle baby soaps are the best option for cleaning . Harsh soaps can result in skin dryness and also it takes away natural oils from baby skin. Please checkout the below link to choose the best soap for your newborn skin care.


This is probably the most important choice you are going to make for your child as it will stay on for major part of the day however that being said the choice of perfect diaper is usually a trail and error as you may want to select between few to get to the best one. The only thing to remember here is that the diaper should not be too small for baby as it will leave rashes on baby's bum.


Always use mild and less fragnant/ chemical based moisturizer to lock the moisture in baby's skin. Always choose the best moisturizer and apply on a regular basis for great results.

Oil Massages

Oil massage is probably the best way to keep baby skin healthy. Always use natural oils such as almond and coconut to keep the skin nourished. Massage baby twice a day for best results.

There are many other activities that can be aligned with skin care but these above points are the most common and covers the crust .

Happy reading 😊


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