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Top 5 external storage devices or Hard Disk

Why is best external hard disk necessary?

As world progressed, more and more people started getting an access to the internet. It is basically a virtual world and since there is so much of information flow it has led to an increase in data all of which cannot be stored online . Also its equally important that even if the data is available online there is an adequate back up in place just in case the stored data is lost.

Since the quantity of  data has increased drastically the need for storage devices grew exponentially. There are many type of storage devices and one of which is RAM (Random Access Memory). It is essentially used for storing data. The advances in discovering these storage devices has led to an invention of pen drive after which the external hard disk was conceptualized.

In this blog, I am going to list out top five 1TB Hard disk which you should use to safeguard your data. I have used almost each one of these to safely put it out here.

Seagate 1TB Hard disk

Western Digital 1TB External Portable Hard Disk

Lenovo F309 1TB External Hard Disk

Toshiba 1TB A3

Transcend StoreJet 1TB Portable External Hard Drive


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