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LANGUAGE - Top 10 Reason to learn a new language

 "A different language is a different vision of life” - Federico Fellini

Nothing else compares than having the ability to speak a new language. Learning a new language makes you indispensable. It is one of the most awe-inspiring skills one can have. If you want to know the reasons of learning a language for Personal benefits, Career & Business, Education or for Travel & Hobbies by all means keep reading!

It can shape your Personality

Learn a new language can make you discover a whole new side of yourself. An acquisition of new language can set you sailing in the sea of self-discovery. It broadens the facets of your personality. Learning a language truly unlocks a new pathway to human experience.

Makes you Empathetic

Researchers believe that learning a new language can increase your ability for understanding and empathy. When you meet someone and speak their language, it instantly brings about a difference. There is a new found natural and empathetic relationship, it does make a difference when it comes to friendship, love, creating connections and even making long lasting relationships.

Brain Growth

"Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye"- William Gibson

Learning a new language can basically give you superpowers. Studies have shown learning a new language can develop new areas of your mind, it buffers your brain against aging. The cells of your brain augments when you learn a new language,
How cool is that? If you speak two languages, Dementia is less likely to set in. You also become a multi tasker. Some more studies have been listed in the following point.

Science of language learning

A Swedish study published on October 8th, 2012 states that learning a language has visible effects on the brain. It was found that Hippocampus, thought to be the location of memory and emotion, increased in volume during the study period. In addition to that three other parts of celebral cortex related to language learning experienced structural changes and growth.
Another Canadian piece of research in the science of learning shows that the onset of Alzheimer's and Dementia can delay upto five years in susceptible individuals. It emphasized that learning a new language keeps your brain healthy and active.

Improves your native language

Yes it will! You will get a new grammar check. This will push you to turn your eyes at the use of your native language more critically. Studies have shown that people tend to associate different emotions with each language they speak, speaking a new language can set you free from the feeling of fear you have while speaking your native language.

Get your desired job
Knowing an extra language can give you an extra leg up! If you speak more than one language like Japanese or Spanish, you are more likely to be hired.  There are myriad of options out there waiting to be explored. Adding that additional language skill in your resume will definitely make stand out of the crowd and help your career growth.

Boosts Salaries
Learning a language is an incredible skill. In many cases, it leads to increased salaries and hiring bonuses. We are living in a globalised era, thus mastering a language can give way to an ocean full of opportunities one of which is language translator.
Recruiters are looking out for professionals who can communicate effortlessly in new and large overseas markets.

Increases Creativity and Confidence

Juggling languages can build better brains. According to the researchers from Pennsylvania university, speaking more than one language can actually bolter brain function by serving as a mental gymnasium. This in turn increases your cognitive abilities. You work with better memories and your pace of switching between two different tasks increases. Studies have also demonstrated greater creativity and problem solving skills amongst children. Learning a language does boosts your confidence because you will be complimented, admired and applauded. Also it makes you more perspective.

Become culturally aware

It is said languages are deeply influenced by culture and vice versa. It will make you view the world in a different manner. If you want to soak into a culture then languages are the passes to envelope yourself in the culture of the people.
If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.  - Nelson Mandela
Simply put, if you want to embibe a culture, then learn the language.

Makes travel more fun

Speaking a foreign language can make your trip easier, memorable and much fun! You will save yourself from the chances of getting lost in a foreign country. Also isn't it enticing to participate in meaningful conversations with people from differing backgrounds?

Final Note

As a language learner myself, I know it is hard to be motivated especially when the process becomes more challenging. We all need to keep taking up challenges in our lives and learning a language is an incredible way to do it. It leads to a lifetime of learning, makes your mind more clear and agile. Besides, it's a lot of fun! Your mind will most certainly be blown away.
 You can learn any language you want in your phone, it is easy as there are tons of resources available. Since there's flexibility, you can do it more and better. You need to remind yourself that by doing so, you are paving the road to personal growth and development.


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