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The BIG BANG THEORY : Do you know how Kunal Nayyar got casted?

This series does not need any introduction and its probably one of the most outreached sitcom of this millennial era. All the characters in this play are unique and more relatable for most of us.

The Big Bang Theory was conceptualized in the year 2007. It was produced by Warners Bro and Chuck Lorre productions.The first show was premiered on CBS on 24th September 2007 and it was performed before the live audience and the rest is history. The sitcom was concluded in May of the year 2019 and had about 279 episodes. It consistently remained in the top 10 list of sitcoms and also topped the chart in its Eleventh season.

There were many notable character in the play and one of them was scientist Raj Koothrapalli which was played by Kunal Nayyar. Do you know how he got casted ? If not, don't worry I have got you covered.

Raj was in the USA for his studies. He was just graduated from the masters program and he just came back from RSC: Royal Shakspeare Company and revealed that he felt like more "Actory". Nayyar's agent heard about Big Bang and encouraged him to audition for it which he did.

The show got picked up in May and as per norms they could only hold actors until June 30th after which they had to give them contracts. Raj said, "I did not receive contract until 29th June and my visa was up.". So if there was any chance of him staying in America he had to have his contract.

At that time Kunal was also considering offers back in India and he was offered a role in the famous film called "Delhi 6".
He revealed on a podcast that he loved the first draft of the script and if for any reason the Big Bang didn't work out he was flying back to India on 1st July and would have done the movie but Kunal finally received his contract on 30th June and got on board with the Big Bang Theory show.

The Big Bang Theory producers did not have much idea about Raj's character. They were not sure if it was going to be a constant or a recurring character but as we know things worked out and we were fortunate enough to see more of Raj Koothrapalli.

Kunal also went to explain his schedule for an episode . He said the season started in mid August. He would show up at Wednesday morning as the script was delivered to him on Tuesday evening. They would do a table read on that Wednesday morning with the whole cast. They would do light rehearsal after that his day would end. Wednesday night he would get his script with all the changes . Thursdays was all about rehearsals with a run through for the tweaks. Friday was similar but this time there were CBS and Warner Bros executive to watch the show.Monday went on like a pre-shoot and Tuesday evening at 6 pm they actually shot the show.

The comedy sitcom went on to win some great awards and Kunal Nayyar got world wide recognition because of this show. He went on to Ellen De Generes on the Ellen Show and many more similar stuff like it.


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